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Below is a sample of our popular baby outfits, stuffed animals, and books. We have many more baby gifts available at our gift shop, including keepsakes, frames, puzzles, and games. Please visit us or contact us directly to inquire about exact inventory.

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Elegant Baby

Elegant Baby Cable Blanket.png
Elegant Baby Grey Elephant Baby Security
Elegant Baby Pointelle Cardigan.png
Sofia _ Finn Gray Knit Cardigan.png

Cable Blanket

Grey Elephant Security Blanket

Pointelle Cardigan

Knit Cardigans

Baby: Products


Adorable animal and book pairings.

JellyCats Bashful Beige Bunny.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 10.42.29

Bashful Beige Bunny

Flora Flamingo

If I Were a Rabbit Book & Animal

My Mum and Me Book & Animal

Baby: Products

Magnetic Me

Magnetic Me Carousel Modal Magnetic Foot
Magnetic Me Raise the Woof Body Suit.png
Magnetic Me Unicorn Dreams Body Suit.png

Carousel Modal Magnetic Footie

Raise the Woof Body Suit

Unicorn Dreams Body Suit

Baby: Products

Messy Moose

Adorable slipper socks

Baby: Products

Mud Pie

MudPie Newborn Take Me Home Set.png
Mud Pie Crawlers and Rattlers Set.png

Newborn Take Me Home Set

Crawlers & Rattlers Set

Baby: Products

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Kitchen & Home Decor

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